Weekend in Prague, Czech Republic Old Town Sight Seeing and Foody Adventure

We have fallen in love with the city of Prague. Every time we visit, there is something else to explore and discover. Our first time visiting we came with a travel group called Explore Europe. If I would have know what I know now I would have saved a lot of money and just gone on our own because the drive is so easy. A6 turns into E50 and it’s a straight shot to Prague. If you do visit as a day trip without a hotel, parking is available at the Palladium. The Palladium is a huge mall located near old town. I’ve never parked there personally but I’ve heard the space are wide and there are video cameras.

The Good: Prague is full of surprises and you’re sure to find something you love about this city.

The Bad: I’ve noticed that they treat tourists a little differently than locals. It’s a tourist hot spot so be prepared to have your personal space invaded.

The Reality: Even though Prague is a tourist destination, there is much to be discovered a few steps beyond the main sites.


We left early in the morning in order to park at our hotel and have the day to explore. I called ahead to the hotel and asked if we could park there before check-in. The hotel link is in the Resources. We chose to stay here because they offered parking and it was about a 20 minute walk into the city. When we arrived we parked our car (very tight parking) and the lady running the hotel gave us the key because we told her we weren’t coming back until way later that evening after they close. I would stay here again in a heartbeat. The only down side to this place was that the couch in the room (which we didn’t use) was filthy and stained. However, the rest of the room was very nice and we were comfortable.

I made us a walking tour to see all the highlights of the city. (Link to walking tour is in the Resources) We stopped at the Strahov Monastery to see the famous library and try to beer that is made on site. The library is to the right and the restaurant is to the left.

After walking into town and seeing the Memorial to the Victims of Communism we ate at Café Savoy. It’s a little pretentious but most of their clientele were tourists so we felt more comfortable after being seated. It crazy busy and the waiters are running around like crazy but the food is unbelievable.

We continued following the walking tour and made some detours along the way if things looked interesting but for the most part was stayed with the tour I made. We stopped for a hot chocolate at one of the many chocolate places located in Prague.

Bonvivant’s CTC is a tapas bar that we stopped at to have a small snack before heading to U Fleku (the oldest brewery in Prague). Their menu changes constantly and they have small menu with only about five or six things to choose from.

After eating at the tapas bar we walked to U Fleku which was quite a walk from there so I knew we’d build up an appetite. Try to get here early or make a reservation ahead of time because this place is packed and very popular. When we got there we had to stand in line outside, the wait wasn’t very long because we arrived around 5 PM. Once we were seated it was pretty rowdy in there with the accordion player and the patrons singing folks songs. I had an awesome time just being there and people watching. I do not like beer at all and I’m not a big drinker but the one and only beer they brew here is out of this world. Please give it a try and I promise you’ll fall in love. It looks intimidated because it’s so dark you can’t see through it but believe me its life changing. I swear it tastes like chocolate and caramel.

Absinthe is something I’ve always wanted to try so we went to a spot called the Absintherie that wasn’t too far from U Fleku, so we decided to give it a try. We ran out of Kuna so I had to settle for just a mixed drink. If we go back I’d like to try Absinthe with the water drip and sugar cube. This place is great for your first time though because they walk you through the process and answer any and every question you may have.

By this time it was 8 PM and we had a 45 minute walk back to our hotel. The city was still full of tourists but there were some drunk people stumbling about so we wanted to call it a night. Walking across Charles Bridge at night is breathtaking and very romantic so make sure you check it out.

Time Frame (tentative):


7:30 AM – Hit the road towards Prague

10 AM – Arrive at hotel and park car outside of city centre

10:30 – begin walking tour

7:30 – head back to hotel


Head home or take a trip to Kutna Hora Weekend/Day Trip to Kutna Hora Sedlec Ossuary

Prague Resources:

Palladium Website for Parking Information: https://www.palladiumpraha.cz/en/

Prague Hotel: https://www.booking.com/hotel/cz/apartments-praha-6.en-gb.html?aid=304142;label=gen173nr-1FCAEoggJCAlhYSDNiBW5vcmVmcgV1c19ubYgBAZgBLrgBBsgBDNgBAegBAfgBC6gCAw;sid=891db58096bde3a06ebdf0009686d70c;dcid=5

Walking Tour:

Prague Trip Walking Tour
Prague Walking Tour II


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